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Replacement Sliding Windows

Slide into a realm of comfort and style as we transform your living space with our impeccable sliding glass window replacements and installation service. Sliding windows have become a popular window style choice for homeowners who seek both functionality and aesthetics. With their sleek design and smooth operation, sliding windows offer an excellent combination of style and practicality. Let us guide you through the benefits of replacing your existing windows with sliding ones, and why a sliding glass window might be the perfect choice for your home.


nine foot picture window replacement in place of old patio doors

What is a Sliding Window?

A sliding window is a type of window that consists of two or more horizontal sashes that slide horizontally along a track. This unique design allows for easy opening and closing by smoothly gliding the window panels past each other. Sliding windows are often found in contemporary and modern homes due to their clean lines and unobstructed views. At Aspen Home Improvements we offer energy efficient Okna sliding windows that custom built for your home. Our technicians will measure your current window dimensions to ensure an exact fit for the sliding windows sizes.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

There are countless advantages and benefits that new sliding windows offer, making them a remarkable choice for any homeowner seeking for a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics.


Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Sliding windows are known for their excellent sealing capabilities, which significantly reduce air leakage and energy loss resulting in larger energy saving benefits. By replacing your outdated windows with energy efficient sliding windows, you can create a more energy-efficient home, reducing your carbon footprint and energy savings on utility bills. Additionally, our Okna windows are energy star certified and we do offer double pane and triple pane glass options to provide maximum sliding window insulation.

Maximum Natural Light

 Sliding windows feature expansive glass panels that maximize the amount of natural light entering your living space. With larger glass areas and minimal framework, sliding windows allow you to enjoy breathtaking views and brighten up your interiors, creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere


Improved Ventilation

Thanks to their sliding mechanism, these windows offer excellent ventilation control. You can easily adjust the opening width to let in a refreshing breeze, ensuring optimal airflow throughout your home. Sliding windows are especially useful in rooms where traditional casement windows may not be practical due to limited space or obstructed views.


Space-Saving Design

One of the standout advantages of sliding windows is their space-saving design. Unlike windows that swing open, sliding windows do not require additional clearance when opening or closing. This makes them a perfect choice for areas with limited space, such as patios, balconies, or walkways, where you can enjoy unobstructed views without compromising valuable room space.


Why Choose Sliding Glass Windows?

Modern Aesthetics and Window Design

Sliding glass windows offer a sleek and contemporary look that complements a wide range of architectural styles. They bring a sense of modernity to your home’s design, making it visually appealing both from the inside and outside.


Seamless Outdoor Connection

With sliding glass windows, you can effortlessly merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces. These windows provide uninterrupted views of your garden, patio, or scenic surroundings, allowing you to feel connected to nature while enjoying the comfort of your home.


Sliding Window Maintenance Is Easy

Sliding glass windows are designed with convenience in mind. Their smooth surfaces and minimal hardware make window cleaning and maintenance a breeze. You can spend more time enjoying your windows and less time worrying about upkeep.


Enhanced Security

Okna offers security locks for sliding windows with various security features to ensure your peace of mind. From multi-point locking systems to impact-resistant glass options, these windows are built to keep your home safe and secure from intruders.

Happy window customer holding sign in front of Sun room sliding window installation

Choose Our Sliding Window Service

At Aspen Home Improvements, we specialize in providing top-quality sliding window installation and replacement services. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the process, helping you select the perfect sliding window solution that matches your style preferences and functional requirements. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we guarantee a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

If you are interested our custom sliding windows from Okna but are wondering how much sliding window cost? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward upgrading your home’s windows to a new level of elegance and efficiency!

Okna Sliding Window Designs & Window Colors

Explore all of the custom window design ideas and window cladding options available through Okna. We offer 2 types of sliding windows which include both vertical and horizontal sliding window styles. With your new window replacement you can customize the exterior window cladding color, the interior window cladding, the sliding window hardware, the sliding window grids options, sliding window grid patterns, the glass options, and even the sliding window screen. With all of these customization options you can create the perfect design that is unique to your home! Click here to view all of the different window design options


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Explore Our Other Replacement Window Styles?

We offer the following window styles in vinyl or composite materials

Single Hung Replacement Window

This window has a single operable sash mechanism that enables you to slide the window up and down to allow in the fresh air.

Double Hung Replacement Window

This window has two sash mechanisms that enables you to slide the window up and down to allow in the fresh air.

Sliding Replacement Window

This window type slides left or right to provide an opening to the outside.

Casement Replacement Window

A more traditional style where the window is hinged to left or right giving a wide opening to allow in fresh air and ventilation.

Patio Door Replacement Window

A large window that slides left or right to open; often used as a doorway to a patio or back yard.

Bay and Bow Replacement Window

A curved window that gives an elegant three-dimensional aspect to your home, adding character and style to your home’s curb appeal.

Bow Replacement Window
Bow Window

A bow window is an arc-shape window structure with at least 4 windows that are usually each window composed of casement windows.

Garden Replacement Window

A small three-dimensional window that typically extend out about 18 inches from your home. They allow a ton of natural light into your home and offer a perfect space to store plants.

Replacement Awning Basement Window
Awning Basement Window

A window that includes hinges at the top of the frame and is operated by a crank or handle which opens from bottom edges of the frame outward.

Replacement Hopper Window
Hopper Window

A small, narrow window that opens from the top outward towards the bottom which increases the natural light and air flow.

Picture Replacement Window
Picture Window

A picture window is a window that is fixed into the window frame, which doesn’t open.

Custom Replacement Window
Custom Window

Custom windows are a window that is specially built to perfectly fit the exact size and shape of your home’s window openings.

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