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Should You Replace Your Windows and Doors Before Selling Your Home?

Is it worth replacing doors and windows before selling your house?

Buying a home is such a costly affair. Most homeowners interested in selling their homes are hesitant to spend large sums of money on large, very expensive home improvements that may diminish the returns on their investment.

More often than not, many pre-sale renovations involve small-scale home improvements that add some vibe to the home, and not more large-scale and expensive projects like restoring the foundations. With this in mind, what factors in the market influence what is worth replacing or improving before making a sale?

For homeowners, the dilemma is between presenting their homes in the best light and getting returns on their investment. In this article, we examine two key components; the windows and doors. We answer the question, should you replace your windows and doors before selling your home?

Should you replace your windows before selling your home?

Replacing your windows before selling your home is a good idea and for good reasons. Suppose your windows are in bad shape, an inspection will soon be followed by a citation, and that’s the last thing you want before listing. Additionally, the last thing a prospective buyer wishes to see is that they will have to conduct a home improvement immediately after buying the house.

Window replacements can only have higher resale value if you make an upgrade. For example, replacing your old windows with energy-efficient windows will bring you high returns on investment. Potential buyers will also be excited by the fact that energy-saving windows keep the utility bills down. In fact, energy-saving windows will save you cash as high as $500 a year.

One other advantage of replacing windows before selling your home is because newer windows can help block noise. However, this depends on the type of window you select. Soundproofing is an important factor to consider especially if your home is near an airport, road, railway, or busy street. Using double or triple-paned windows can ease the worries of potential buyers and give you leverage on the bargaining table.

When should I replace my windows?

Unsurprisingly, older windows are unattractive to prospective buyers, especially those who have a deep interest in energy-efficient homes. Windows have a huge bearing on marketability and you have to pay close attention to them.

Replace all old windows that can no longer be operated. Broken glass, non-functioning latches, locks, and springs are all indicators of a failed window.

Drafty windows are also a turn off to potential buyers. The last thing a new homeowner wishes to have is high utility bills. The status of drafty windows is particularly important in areas prone to harsh winters. Old windows are more drafty, hence less energy-efficient. Similarly, older windows are less efficient in terms of blocking UV rays. They let in more heat easily.

Should you replace your doors before selling your home?

Front doors are the focal point of the exterior of your home in ways you cannot imagine. Given that they are the first thing visitors and passersby see when approaching your home, the front door has to be largely appealing and inviting. If you have an uninspiring front door, potential buyers will be driven away, quite literally.

Replacement Doors are arguably the best choice for home improvements for higher resale value. Upgrading your doors will radically transform the look and feel of your home. Such a less-costly, quick, and effective home improvement brings a return on investment as high as 100%! With door replacements, you are beyond certain to get your money back.

Before listing your house for sale, make sure all your doors work. Most potential buyers want to distance themselves farthest from home repairs immediately they move in. Remember, you have very few seconds to make an impression, and a simple creaky door can throw your plans into oblivion. Check to see whether they open and close smoothly. Ensure there are no dents, cracks, or holes. Check the sliding doors, do they work with ease?

Having learned that the best thing to do is to replace your windows and doors before selling your home, the next thing you need is a reliable door and window replacement partner. Aspen Home Improvements is one such company operating in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland. For over 25 years, we have offered top-class home improvement solutions to our customers. Contact us today for all door and window installations, repair and replacements, and join our community of satisfied clients.


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