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Quick Ways to Decorate Your Windows

Windows have a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home. Windows are the main points through which your entire family can gain access to natural light. Windows also guide your home’s occupants and visitors in the perception of space. The appearance of your windows is a reflection of your interior decorations. Since windows are always visible to anyone visiting or staying in your home, you would want them to keep their stunning luster throughout your home’s lifespan. Besides keeping them clean and shiny, there are a few DIY projects you can perform to improve your windows’ beauty. In this article, we explore quick ways to decorate your windows.

  1. Add Window Shutters

If you are looking to add charm to your window setting, get window shutters. Unlike most window treatment options on the market, shutters are an affordable way to improve privacy and security in your windows. Shutters can be adjusted for light control, and give your windows a neat, classy appearance. For as little as $10, you can get ready-made shutters that are customized to fit your windows. You can install shutters from the inside for easy access and light control, or on the exterior side to protect your windows from harsh winds and storms.

  1. Create a Wood Valance

A wood valance will give you the opportunity to add more than just curtains to your windows. If your window lacks trim, the wood valance provides a unique way to dress up your windows. The valance is hailed by DIYers as one of the most effective, quick ways to decorate your windows. Wood valances are available at local stores for as little as $20. For a custom look that matches your windows, you could make your own using simple tools and limited carpentry knowledge. You can use a stencil to throw in a corny message while at it, letting you enjoy natural light with a twist of classical décor.

  1. Get a Cutout Roller Blind

For the art-loving homeowners, this project is one of a kind. Makers of home accessories are ready to make laser-cut patterns onto fabrics to fit your idea. For $75, you can get a cutout of a city with a white or grey screening. The cutout roller blind is easy to install and can be cut to fit into your window or door panels, letting in light through the cutout patterns. This will give your rooms a clean-cut, modern yet playful look that will always be inviting. When choosing a roller blind, go for a high-quality rolling mechanism that makes it easy to roll the blind up and down.

  1. Design Frosted Glass

One of the most surprising, quick ways to decorate your windows, frosted glass will provide you with improved privacy while letting in all-natural light. Frosted glass does not completely block your view of the outdoors, making it a worthwhile window treatment. For DIY installation, all you will need is frosted glass paint and low-tack tape. You can create custom geometric patterns that give your window panes a unique look while protecting your interior from prying eyes.

  1. Add Glass Window Shelves

The last of our quick ways to decorate your windows involves treating windows that don’t need full coverage. For your kitchen and bath windows, you could install glass shelves in place of curtains. This way, you can keep your interior from prying eyes while displaying your finest collection of interior décor. On these shelves, you can showcase your collection of fine china bowls, herbs, bath accessories, or picture frames. Glass shelves liven up any room in your home without looking too intrusive on your space.

We have explored 5 quick ways to decorate your windows. Use these ideas to improve the aesthetics and protection offered by your windows. If you feel like it is time to replace your windows, talk to a professional windows installer. Aspen Home Improvements has been carrying out renovation projects in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland for over 25 years. Contact us for a consultation regarding the best window replacement and treatment options for your home. We offer the best quality in materials and workmanship, so by working with us, you are guaranteed to improve your home’s market and aesthetic value.



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