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How To Cool A Room: 5 Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

You may not be able to control the heat levels outside, but you can control the temperature levels inside your home. Fortunately, there are a few secrets that will help you stay cool this summer! And, even better, these secrets will also help you save money on your energy bills!

Okay, maybe they aren’t “secrets” because you may have heard some of them before, but you should definitely follow these 5 tips today to stay happy all summer long.

  1. Clean Your AC

Ideally, step #1 should be completed before the hot weather begins. You may not have to clean it thoroughly every year, but professionals suggest that your cooling system should be inspected at least once a year.

If anything is malfunctioning, or your cooling system is out-of-date, you will want to get it replaced. Immediately. And it is recommended that you get something that has an ENERGY STAR rating. You will regret waiting until the middle of summer to fix any problems.

  1. Air Conditioning OR Windows open – never both

You probably got sick of mom and dad scolding you to keep doors and windows shut during the summer. But this is because hot air will follow cold air until the temperature is evened out.

If you have your AC on and you open the window to get the “best of both worlds,” what you are really doing is allowing all that hot air in and allowing the temperature of your house to rise. So make a choice: air conditioning OR windows open. Never do both. It’s a waste of money.

  1. Insulate Your Home!

If you want to keep something that is cold… insulate! If you want to keep something that is it hot… insulate! It really is that simple.

Experts suggest starting to insulate from the top and working your way down from there. So, start with the attic and then start sealing everything else that may be letting cold air outside. The biggest culprit guilty of leaking hot air inside during the summer? Windows that are not properly sealed.

  1. Use Fans In Your Home

The great thing about ceiling fans or floor fans is that you can use them with or without your air conditioning running. Fans do not actually cool the temperature of the room. Instead, they keep you comfortable because they evaporate the moisture from your skin.

When you have a fan running, you will be able to feel more comfortable in higher temperatures. However, don’t leave a fan running after you leave the room or your home. This is just wasted electricity.

  1. Shade your home

Putting up barriers between your home and the sun will help keep you cooler and lower energy costs. This can be done in many ways: by planting shade trees, adding blinds/curtains to the inside of your home, installing awnings to the outside of your home, etc.

If you want to stay cool this summer, start with your exterior! Contact us today to learn about how to cool your home, in  PennsylvaniaVirginia, and Maryland.



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