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Welcome to our garden replacement window service, where we bring the vibrant outdoors into the heart of your home. Modern garden windows are a stunning addition that effortlessly blend beauty and functionality. If you’re looking to enhance your living space with a touch of nature, our garden window replacements are the perfect solution.

At Aspen Home Improvements, we specialize in custom made garden windows from Okna. We can have your windows manufactured to any garden window sizes needed for your home. Our technicians will measure your current window dimensions to ensure an exact fit and match for the new garden window dimensions. Our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail will ensure a superior window solution that will elevate the beauty and value of your home.

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What is a Garden Window?

A garden window is a type of window that extends outward from the wall of a building, typically in a box-like or bay window configuration. It is designed to create a small, enclosed space that protrudes beyond the exterior wall, resembling a mini-greenhouse or a miniature garden area which is why it is also known as a “greenhouse window”. Garden windows can be used in various rooms of a house, depending on individual preferences and needs but are commonly found in kitchens and dining rooms and sometimes in bathrooms and offices.

Unveiling the Benefits of Garden Window Replacements

Vinyl Garden window replacements offer a plethora of advantages that go beyond mere aesthetics. Let us shed light on the numerous benefits you can enjoy by opting for a garden window:


Increase in Natural Sunlight

Revel in the abundance of natural light that cascades through the expansive glass panels of your garden window. Illuminate your indoor space and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Increased Ventilation for Fresh Air

With built-in ventilation features, open garden windows allow refreshing breezes to flow freely into your home. Enjoy the soothing whisper of the wind and savor the feeling of being one with nature, even while indoors.


Window Garden Greenhouse

Unlock your gardening potential! The spacious design of garden windows provides an ideal environment for nurturing a variety of plants, herbs, and flowers. Transform your window sill into a mini oasis and witness the beauty of nature flourishing right in your home


Expanded Garden window View

Indulge in panoramic views of your surroundings, be it a flourishing garden, a scenic landscape, or your backyard sanctuary. Garden windows create a picturesque frame that expands your visual perspective and allows you to relish the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home.


Added Space and Style

Garden windows introduce an extra dimension to your living space, creating an illusion of depth and making the room appear more spacious. Moreover, their elegant design adds a touch of sophistication and elevates the overall aesthetic of your home.

Why Choose a Garden Window? Let Us Enlighten You

Are you still contemplating why a garden window might be the perfect choice for you? Here are a few compelling reasons that make garden windows an exceptional option.

  • Elevate Your Interior Décor– Garden windows effortlessly infuse charm and character into any room. They serve as an eye-catching focal point that enhances your interior décor and creates a visually appealing space.
  • Functional and Practical – Aside from their captivating beauty, garden windows are designed to be highly functional. Their generous display area provides ample room for storage, decorative items, or even a cozy reading nook. Maximize both style and functionality with this versatile window style.
  • Great Energy Efficiency Rating Our garden windows are engineered with advanced insulation features, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. The windows have tight seals and offer double pane garden window glass construction help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while increasing energy savings .
  • Increased Property Value – Installing a garden window is not only an investment in your daily enjoyment but also an enhancement to your property value. The unique appeal and practical benefits of garden windows can significantly boost the market value of your home.
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Garden Window Ideas

Here are some cool diy garden window ideas that can inspire you to create a unique and beautiful space

Kitchen Window Garden

Use your kitchen window as a mini greenhouse to display a small garden or collection of home plants, succulents, bamboo, bonsai trees, and more in pots or hanging pots.


Herb Garden in Window Box

Transform your garden window into a culinary paradise by growing a variety of fresh herbs and spices. Imagine having a convenient and aromatic herb garden right at your fingertips while you prepare delicious meals.


Garden Window Decor Showcase

Change the look of your garden window with the seasons by incorporating seasonal decorations and plants. From pumpkins and fall foliage to festive ornaments and winter greens, celebrate each season with a captivating display by changing the garden window accessories.


Colorful Flower Showcase

A bow window that has a more angular or geometric shape, resembling a series of flat panels or facets rather than a smooth, continuous curve. Unlike traditional bow windows that have a uniformly curved projection, a box bow window consists of multiple individual window units or panels that are arranged at angled corners to create a faceted appearance. The flat surfaces of each panel give it a box-like or polygonal shape, hence the name “Box Bow Window.”


Okna Modern Garden Window Design

Explore all of the custom garden window styles available through Okna. With your new window replacement you can customize the exterior garden window cladding color, the interior window cladding, the garden window hardware, the window grids options, grid patterns, the glass options, and more. With all of these customization options you can build your own garden window to create the perfect design that is unique to your home! Click here to view all of the different window design options

If your interested in installing a garden window and are looking for a garden window cost estimate contact us today for a free quote! 


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Explore Our Other Replacement Window Styles?

We offer the following window styles in vinyl or composite materials

Single Hung Replacement Window

This window has a single operable sash mechanism that enables you to slide the window up and down to allow in the fresh air.

Double Hung Replacement Window

This window has two sash mechanisms that enables you to slide the window up and down to allow in the fresh air.

Sliding Replacement Window

This window type slides left or right to provide an opening to the outside.

Casement Replacement Window

A more traditional style where the window is hinged to left or right giving a wide opening to allow in fresh air and ventilation.

Patio Door Replacement Window

A large window that slides left or right to open; often used as a doorway to a patio or back yard.

Bay and Bow Replacement Window

A curved window that gives an elegant three-dimensional aspect to your home, adding character and style to your home’s curb appeal.

Bow Replacement Window
Bow Window

A bow window is an arc-shape window structure with at least 4 windows that are usually each window composed of casement windows.

Garden Replacement Window

A small three-dimensional window that typically extend out about 18 inches from your home. They allow a ton of natural light into your home and offer a perfect space to store plants.

Replacement Awning Basement Window
Awning Basement Window

A window that includes hinges at the top of the frame and is operated by a crank or handle which opens from bottom edges of the frame outward.

Replacement Hopper Window
Hopper Window

A small, narrow window that opens from the top outward towards the bottom which increases the natural light and air flow.

Picture Replacement Window
Picture Window

A picture window is a window that is fixed into the window frame, which doesn’t open.

Custom Replacement Window
Custom Window

Custom windows are a window that is specially built to perfectly fit the exact size and shape of your home’s window openings.

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