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Common Mistakes in Window Replacement

Window Replacement with new energy-efficient windows can be a huge money saver, but only if you do it right. Take a look at the 5 most common mistakes homeowners make when they decide to replace their windows.

  1. Improperly Installing Windows

Even the most energy-efficient windows you can get your hands on will do no good if they’re not installed properly. This is the most common mistake Aspen Home Improvements’ window specialists see homeowners make when replacing their PennsylvaniaVirginia, and Maryland. home’s windows. Not only will energy-efficiency decrease, but the windows will wear more quickly, meaning they’ll need to be replaced again even sooner.

  1. Trying to Do It Yourself

If you’re the DIY type, it may be tempting to replace the windows on your own, but unless you have experience and training, it might not be the best idea. Remember mistake number 1 we mentioned above? Hiring a local home improvement professional, like our trained team at Aspen, to install your windows is worth the extra cost. You will save money in the long run with a window that will keep drafts out and won’t wear due to improper installation.

  1. Opting for Off-Brand Windows

If you’re looking to save money on your window replacement project, off-brand windows might sound appealing, but it’s always a better idea to go with a well-known name. Brands like our line of Starmark and Insul-Tec 500 windows respected in the industry for their energy-efficiency and functionality. Do your research and then talk to one of our specialists to find the right fit for you!

  1. Using Cost as your Main Search Factor

We get that cost is a big factor in any home improvement project, but windows are one of those places that you should look to invest a bit more. Buying based on price alone could leave you with a window that’s worse then the ones you currently have. Yikes! If you are still worried about your budget, we have home financing options that will help feel comfortable staying within your price point!

  1. Not Consulting With a Window Replacment Professional

Most home improvement professionals offer free consultations. Take advantage of these! Sit down with a window installation specialist and talk about both your budget and what you’re looking for in your new windows. You should feel confident with the company you hire and comfortable enough to ask them any questions you may have along the process.

Learn more today about window replacement in PennsylvaniaVirginia, and Maryland. Schedule a free consultation with a home improvement specialist at Aspen Home Improvements and we’ll discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help you improve your home!



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