How to Self Inspect Your Roof To Get Winter Ready

The winter months are fast approaching, which means it’s imperative to ensure that your roof is ready for the winter weather coming our way soon! Perform a few self-inspections to see whether your roof may or may not be ready to handle the change in seasons.

1. Check for possible roof damages or excess debris

Do you have any […]

Roofing FAQs – All Your Questions Answered

We get a lot of questions when it comes to roofing, especially around springtime when the snow has all finally melted away and we can actually see our roofs. So, here is a list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you out!

Does a leaking roof have to be replaced?

Not necessarily. In many […]

Roofing Trends in 2015

We know it’s already April, but not all of us can afford home improvement projects at the onset of the New Year – especially since it is right after the holiday season.We gave you a list of New Year’s Resolutions for your home for 2015, but we found some new trends that are just for […]